Dumped packages of leaflets (2006)

Paper leaflets with advertisements are distributed to our city and country homes (a push medium), except those (in the Netherlands) who have a special sticker on their mailbox lids:

Nee Ja Nee Nee

(No I don’t want any advertisements, Yes I do want to receive free local newspapers / No I don’t want to receive neither advertisements nor free local newspapers No)

From time to time packages of leaflets (which perviously were made manually, on the floor in the homes of the local distrubutors) can be spotted outside, in the wild: half empty, littering the streets, or still sealed, floating in a ditch (see the article below: the distributor is asked to collect the package of advertisements which was found by people from the community centre in Oosterhoogebrug or they (might?) go to the person to give back and/or reprimand him or her for pollution. A person’s address is apparently sticked on the package). Either the distributors accidentally lost them, or they simply dumped them to save time.

Brugborg.nl nieuwsbericht

End (I) (2006)

Begin with the beginning of the end.
The moment I wrote these words I knew the text had started and was continuing to an end.
To what end I do not know yet, but what I do know it’s not the End, just an end. I already know for sure this text will not be conclusive, if one ever can be conclusive on such a fundamental topic as “end”.

Well, speaking of the words “the” and “end”: at the end of films they are barely used anymore. I just realized this. Never read anything about it. So now I will, and you will too, read about this. Let’s first get a classical example of a “the end”-still.

The End

There. That was something I was looking for, white text on a black background. A bit funny font. T H E _ E N D
While those magic 6 letters – divided in 2 groups – appear on the screen, in general the (live) music also concludes its finale : ta, ta, ta, taaaa! (tatata).So now what are the reasons “The End” is used less frequently?
La condition postmoderne (1979) by Jean-François Lyotard on the end of the grandes histoires, the metanarratives.
“Simplifying to the extreme, I define postmodern as incredulity towards metanarratives”.
-The good old concept of infinity, awareness of Spaceship Earth in an infinite universe – something which Albert Einstein contested:
“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Did Einstein take into consideration his own stupidity? We humans should always remember what Lucius Annaeus Seneca wrote down: “errare humanum est perseverare diabolicum” (“to err is human; to persist is of the Devil”).
-Big Stories are Big Business. As the 30-Seconds Bunnies show, stories can be told in 30 seconds, but these days we get sequel after sequel, prequel after sequel, duologies, trilogies, tetralogies, pentalogies, hexologies, heptalogies, octologies, nonologies, decologies, undecologies, dodecologies et cetera (more Latin we can handle no more). The origins 0 The Movie 1 The Legacy continues II Episode 3 Resurrection 4 The Curse V The Return 6 The Reincarnation VII Under water 8 The Revenge IX In Space 10 On the Galapagos Islands XI Reunited 12 Comes home. Merchandising. $$Kching!!
And if it’s the first film, just choose for an open end (fade to black at the end) and wait for public reception. It’s leaving all options open.
-The textual visualisation of “The End” (or “The end”) is overly explicit these days: the rolling of the black screen and/or the end or closing credits after the last scene of the film already shows the film has ended. In the past opening credits were used, with “The End” as “closing credit”.
-There are masses of film fans, people who have an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking for films. They want to escape their daily lives and live in a particular artistically created consistent world to their liking.
-Film makers want to expand their visions on reality by adding more form and story/content.

Well, I’d consider the above a non-limitative selection of insights that indicate the trend in films to omit the text “The End” at the end.


Every (except for holidays) weekday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), a couple of minutes after 12:00, supermarkets (in this case Albert Heijn) in the Netherlands are flooded by youth from secundary schools who buy their lunch. Some supermarket don’t allow them in to buy anything at that time.

the Message (2006)

Think of the moment this electronic message..

if it happens to survive on the servers of the current and future (remote) webhosts,
and survives the attacks on webpages/the Internet
and the future transformation of information
contained on the information super highway
into people’s bodies
(all content will be carried and transferred by the ultimate medium, the body of the organism. Decentralised backup systems (link added October 14 2006) on the surface of several planets and on vessels orbiting around them continue to be needed to overcome the vulnerabilities of the body as a medium.)

..disintegrates by a (random) decisive blow on our Solar System
something from somewhere in the universe, wiping out existence.

So I better take action now and send this message out, in multiple directions,
like Pioneer 10/11 (44022 km/h, relative to the Sun) or the faster Voyager 1/2
– travelling at 500000 km/h,
away from the Solar System

So someone out there will know we were once here.
And that somebody was thinking of the possibilities as sketched above.

(..maybe I should’ve written something useful, more useful.
But how do I know if something is useful if I don’t know the target audience.
Target audience.
My contemporary new speak is showing.)

More text is needed.
More message

Replies to the post will be added to the message. Even spam messages and “inappropriate” ones will be
considered. Some of course (!? censorship?!) will have to be deleted, to make the whole of the
message more balanced. So they won’t think we were obsessed with PPC –
pornpills&casinos and/or vulgarities.
Would be nice to find other animals to participate in this project too.
This implies an impetus is needed for transanimalism (as referred to earlier in another posting).

Or maybe I – or we collectively – should simply write a policy proposal to send an electronic backup of
the whole of Earth’s heritage out of our system.

A challenge lies ahead.
Challenges lie ahead.

Who knows who’ll eventually be on the receiving end of this message.
This someone is hereby greeted, saluted, waved at..

Have to think of a way to make this someone to understand the message.
Have to think of a way to make this someone to understand this message too.

And what if there’s no someone, i.e. no one..

“There are two possibilities: Maybe we’re alone. Maybe we’re not.
Both are equally frightening”
(Isaac Asimov)

“I Want to Believe”
(The X-Files)

(this is all comtemporary mumble jumble! you have to ask permission from your delegation to read this article)