Switch (2006)

Gradually I felt myself more and more sucked into the virtual world. Fidelity in my plug, the cable and the whole network attached to it, had creepingly increased to a level that I was totally oblivious of the very existence of the plug – and my port.

I could tune into that other world whenever, wherever I wanted: the processor humming more and more silently, the sensation at the tip of my switch-shifting finger becoming softer and softer, whole simulated worlds sliding in more and more naturally.

I had turned off messages related to background processes. I assumed they were running smoothly to my liking: viruses entering my system were automatically seeked and destroyed, my voyages – traces – were stored for continuous and future reference.

First World.
First Life.

Was I enchanted by an infectious disease disguised as proverbial sheep or the opposite?
What did I save? What did I waste?

(I was thinking, reflecting. It took me an awful lot of time, to come to this point.)

I decided: I decide best.

Gouranga (spam)

The long awaited Gouranga message has entered my mailbox:

From: Neateye nitaigouranga@aol.com
Date: 06-Nov-2006 20:44
Subject: Gouranga

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