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Kevin Ham’s Agoga is creating landing pages for unused segments of CcTLD‘s (Country code Top Level Domains) and receives millions of visitors a month, of which a part clicks on the advertisements on the site.


This is big business.
They’ve found creative solutions. A recent one is investing in the CcTLD of Cameroon (.cm), Colombia (.co) and Oman (.om): all misspelled versions of .com, the mother lode of all domains.

For now, since August 2006 they’ve covered the remainder of the .cm CcTLD: Agoga added a Wildcard DNS record for the entirety of the .cm TLD, meaning traffic addressed to any .cm domain name that isn’t registered (i.e. millions of names) is rerouted by Camtel (the state-owned company that runs Cameroon’s domain registry. BTW, Camtel.com is referring to Cameron Communications in Louisiana, USA) to Agoga.com (servers in Vancouver). They negotiated an undisclosed sum of money with high representatives of the government of Cameroon, including the prime minister of Cameroon Ephraïm Inoni.

Now whirl.cm is referring to Agoga, whirl.co is not registred either, but not yet referring to Agoga. The same with whirl.om.
To be continued..


Broken Cursor (2007)

Broken Cursor (2007)
Broken Cursor (2007)
Black ink on paper + pixeldrawing
During a computer crash I was just changing the text answers (antwoorden) into questions (vragen) in my Word processor. The cursor was broken into two and letters as well. Since it´s impossible to make a screenshot in such a situation I used ink and paper to capture the particular part of my CRT monitor screen. Then I scanned it and used Photoshop to do a little pixel drawing and change contrast-brightness. So this image was generated digitally, recorded analogly, digitised and digitally manipulated.

I have the car and the villa (2007)

In the article Arab youth revel in pop revolution by Sebastian Usher for the BBC the musical artist Yuri Mrakadi tells an anecdote:

Car Villa

Google (1, 2, 3, 4) on the car & villa combination:

“The object of the game is to buy a car and a villa in a maximum short period of time.”
(Ukrainian game)

“Book a villa and a car and we offer great discounts.”
(Vale de Lobo, Portugal)

“Eight of us (highflyin24 and friends) rented a car and a villa and had an awesome thanksgiving:)!!!”

“Hire a car and a villa and you can have the best of both worlds – dancing or dreaming in the sun, as much as you choose.”

“While (Chen) Handong struggles with his feelings for Lan Yu, he lavishes the younger man with gifts, including a car and a villa.”
(Chicago, United States)

“For instance, a foreign trade dealer surnamed Yang in Ningbo of Zhejiang Province, who owns a villa and a car, said he pays himself only US$300 a month.”
(Ningbo, China)

“A third of (Nicolas) Anelka’s (soccer player for Arsenal (1999)) wages will be paid by kit manufacturers Puma (brand) and Lazio (soccer club) will also include the use of a villa and a car as part of the deal.”
(London, United Kingdom)

“He (Tom Finney, soccer player) only ever won a Second Division title with Lilywhites but never thought of leaving, even turning down an offer of £10,000 – and a villa and a car – from Palermo (Italian soccer club).”
(United Kingdom)

“The Iraqi leader gave the young man (son of a sjeik, Machann Al Jaburi) a watch, $10000, a car and a villa, and a high-paying job in Baghdad.”
(Baghdad, Iraq)

“Prenons un exemple : un monsieur qui à une villa et une voiture qui coûtent plusieurs millions, habitant un quartier où sa villa est entourée des maisons en poto-poto avec une rue transformée en dépôts d’ordure, les caniveaux bouchés, ce monsieur-là peut initier la misen place d’une association et de prendre en charge une partie des frais d’entretien, de ce fait, il se rendra service à lui même.”
(N’Djamena, Chad)

“My (Ijabo’s) mother is highly educated woman, majored in a Economics, and worked as a director of the Ministry of Finance before the war, she had a car and a villa before she met my dad.”

“Un soir après le dîner, Boukaré (le mari de Habibou) qui est un haut fonctionnaire de son état dit à sa femme : «Nous avons une villa, et une voiture ; je vais acheter une mobylette Rembo pour toi et des vélos VTT pour nos cinq (5) enfants.”
(Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)

“Ouais, cliché sur cliché, tous les jeunes de cité se sont arrêtés au collège et tous veulent une villa et une voiture de luxe !”

“The socialist ideal of welfare was to own a house, a villa and a car.”

“The leader of the Communist Party Eugenia Ostapciuc owns two plots of land, an apartment, a villa and a car estimated at 423 143 lei.”

“To reward him (Alfred Frenzel, a spy) for this, the StB (the secret police in Communist Czechoslovakia) gave him a car and a villa back in Czechoslovakia, and also paid Frenzel an enormous salary, placed into a Czechoslovak bank so as not to arouse West German suspicion.”

“He has a car and a villa and his children, Andrew and Sophy, are considered as “cadre children.”
(Trout and Big Fish (1967) by the Hungarian author András Berkesi)

IT groom

(In)animation, Life/Death (2007)

Animations consist of more or less than 24 frames per second, 24 two- or threedimensional stills or frames that individually bear no life.
As far as non-moving depiction of reality is concerned still lifes – on the micro level – generally refer to inanimate/dead subject matter and are the opposite of the portaiture, reserved for animate/living animals.

But the sequence of stills shows movements and creates life or illusionary life in fictional worlds, a.k.a. animation, film/movie/cinema.
The French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard claims “cinema is truth at 24 frames per second”..
The Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke speaks of film as 24 lies per second.

The trailer for the Simpsons Movie plays with liveliness of 2D/3D animated characters. Can cute glossy 3D characters survive in an animated 2D environment? Can animated characters ever be dead?

The trailer also refers to the current (since Toy Story (1995)) “Death of 2D animation” debate, which I think can be summarized by mentioning on one hand proponents of more and more complete immersion of the public in fictional worlds (the public becoming unaware of being a mere spectator), and, on the other, people who stress the particular artistic choice of the artist (e.g. in case a story, according to the artist, is best told in black and white 2D stop motion animation then that could be a legitimate artistic choice. Incomplete immersion or some degree of absence of immersion can be deliberate. Whether this appeals to the public is a different story, a matter of taste differences.).

“In a time when computer animation brings us worlds of unsurpassed beauty
One film dares to be ugly.”

The Simpsons Movie, in 2 D!

Err, the bunny is not breathing..