Müller-Lyer illusion/comments (2007)

Müller-Lyer illusion

Illusions are evidence of the (current) innate limitations of us humans in the perception of reality. At the same time illusions give an indication of the gathered skills people have in perceiving reality – some people are more easily fooled than others. The Müller-Lyer illusion provides an elegant example of a distorting illusion. It’s the first depicted illusion (three lines with different configurations of arrowhead(s)/arrow tail(s): an “angles in” (arrowhead) and “angles out” (arrow tail) configuration (and a third mixed configuration)) in the illustration above. The lines don’t look equally long but actually are (as indicated in the 2nd image) equally sized.

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World Population / Light density (2007)

Light density
World Population / Light density (2007)
Click on the image above to see the gradual shift from human made light density (November 2000, NASA) to population density (2004, Center for International Earth Science Information Network). With currently already half of the Earth’s population (approx. 3.35 milliard of people) living in highly human-populated urban areas, public lighting (lights from private homes, public buildings, street/waterway lights, advertising) will further increase: i.e. the city dwellers generally want/demand their public/private security enhanced by more street lights, more and more people work at night and most people allow (or haven’t thoight about) the existence of lighted public advertising (see my post on new trends in public advertising).

Bomb Juggling B2’s (2007)

Bomb Juggling B2's (2007)Bomb Juggling B2's (2007)
Bomb Juggling B2's (2007)

Bomb Juggling B2’s (2007)
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(The alleged source image)Attenzione!
This news is just in. We’d like to bring to your attention a flash breaking news report from our reporter, code named The Person, who was lucky to be the sole accredited journalist to record this highly classified event. The transcription of a declassified audio report The Person made of the spectacle, can be summarized in one uttered phrase: (beginning of quote) I can’t possibly believe my eyes (end of quote). This concludes this report.

Plane the Way

Plane (2007)
I find that the most creative time that I have is when I sit down in an airplane. When I get on an airplane, the world is different and suddenly I’m out of my usual environment and I have a completely different perspective on things and usually start writing and start doing my planning and goal setting during that time.
Marc Lesser, Google talk July 2007.