Trash Humpers (2010) / poem transcription

we are to witness the evolution of man’s contribution to the highest reward of the species with his lying heart thumping and his pathetic heads humping
on garbage and animal feces
you say it’s moronic bubonic demonic
I say it’s princely and just
just look around at this world
at the grizzly facts of what so-called civilization has done to us
this wrappers and bottles and cans with words
that lines squeezes the pollution
we’re no better off than ravioli that’s tossed
we are the slime and the goop
we wear our suits
we wear our dresses
our perfumes and colognes
and our hair is craft and oiled
we live in immaculate huts with our kiddies and pups
and pretend that the world isn’t spoiled
but we laugh and we stroke and we talk witty and we joke
with the air of entitled elites
putting the shadows that lurks
these mountains of dirt
and the God awful stench of our feet
we’ve .. under
by plunder and and blunder
God’s wonderful masterpiece
depraved it paved it
trashed it and bashed it
someone call the jock .. please
so high why I ask why
why castigate these creatures
whose angelic features are bumping up grinding up trash
are they not spawned by our greed
are they not our true seed
are they not what we’ve bought for our cash
we created this lot
for the use and the rot
deliberately and unabashed
whose orgastic elation and  .. in creation
is to savagely fornicate trash

this is important
you don’t really understand importance but
sometimes when I drive through these streets at night
I could smell the pain of all these people living in here
I could smell how these people are trapped in their lives, their day to day lives
they don’t see much
sometimes they get lost in it other times they just feel lost
I could feel that pain like coming from these trees these houses I could feel that pain and it hurts me to think that I live such a balanced life
all these people going to work going to pray on Sundays
playing with their children
why would anyone choose to live that  way
that’s a stupid way to live, that’s a stupid stupid stupid way top live
see what people don’t understand is that we choose to live like
free free free people, you know we choose to live like people should live
I don’t follow no rules on Sunday
I don’t ate no pies on Monday
I don’t play no games on Tuesday
I don’t cry myself to sleep on Wednesday
It’s all just I dunno one long game I guess you could call it
one long long game
and I expect we’ll win it I expect that all these people will be dead and buried long long before I even catch my second win.
I feel like a young boy I feel like a new ..

(NOTE: some words I couldn’t hear right)