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Der Loch des Nessie

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009


Google Maps shows an organically shaped dot annex hole that is mysteriously shaped. Is it Nessie? Are these Nessie’s tentacles (s)he/it uses to do tentacly things to non-Nessie (water) creatures, water plants and mud?

Hello Kitty Faceshopped

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

The Wikipedia page on Hello Kitty features a picture (by Javier Mediavilla Ezquibela) of the Madrid Sanrio shop, with shoppers mostly unaware of their role in placing their body parts and objects where one might expect the eyes and nose of Hello Kitty.

I wrote the short fiction film script “Kitty in Stock“, based on the concept above..

Pasta with mozzarella, melon seeds and wine vinegar

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009


-Melon seeds
-Wine vinegar


-Pan (for boiling water/pasta)
-Wooden stirring spoon
-Cutting knife


Put the pan on the fire, pour in some oil, cut the onion and garlic and fry it. In the mean time boil water and add the pasta. Then fry the melon seeds and lower the fire. Add some oregano. Turn off the heat and evenly spread slices of mozzarella on top. They pour some wine vinegar and gently mix it. Add the pasta and serve.