Google Barcode Query

Today Google celebrates the issue of the patent of the barcode (US Patent 2,612,994) on 7 October 1952 by turning the repetitively primed Google logo into a minimalistic barcode we humans generally have very few affinity with and associate with products. Only barcode readers, machines or code-enthusiastic humans, have a literal interaction with the code. For the rest of us – me included – every barcode is like a portrait of figures with family resemblance, apparently randomly ordered thin and thicker vertical black lines. Imagine one could write barcode by multiplying the cursor. Even simpler than Morse code: just lines and spaces.
BTW: Reminds me of counting 1-2-3 in Roman numbers, I-II-III, or in Chinese.

Bomb Juggling B2’s (2007)

Bomb Juggling B2's (2007)Bomb Juggling B2's (2007)
Bomb Juggling B2's (2007)

Bomb Juggling B2’s (2007)
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(The alleged source image)Attenzione!
This news is just in. We’d like to bring to your attention a flash breaking news report from our reporter, code named The Person, who was lucky to be the sole accredited journalist to record this highly classified event. The transcription of a declassified audio report The Person made of the spectacle, can be summarized in one uttered phrase: (beginning of quote) I can’t possibly believe my eyes (end of quote). This concludes this report.

Plane the Way

Plane (2007)
I find that the most creative time that I have is when I sit down in an airplane. When I get on an airplane, the world is different and suddenly I’m out of my usual environment and I have a completely different perspective on things and usually start writing and start doing my planning and goal setting during that time.
Marc Lesser, Google talk July 2007.

Switch (2006)

Gradually I felt myself more and more sucked into the virtual world. Fidelity in my plug, the cable and the whole network attached to it, had creepingly increased to a level that I was totally oblivious of the very existence of the plug – and my port.

I could tune into that other world whenever, wherever I wanted: the processor humming more and more silently, the sensation at the tip of my switch-shifting finger becoming softer and softer, whole simulated worlds sliding in more and more naturally.

I had turned off messages related to background processes. I assumed they were running smoothly to my liking: viruses entering my system were automatically seeked and destroyed, my voyages – traces – were stored for continuous and future reference.

First World.
First Life.

Was I enchanted by an infectious disease disguised as proverbial sheep or the opposite?
What did I save? What did I waste?

(I was thinking, reflecting. It took me an awful lot of time, to come to this point.)

I decided: I decide best.

the Message (2006)

Think of the moment this electronic message..

if it happens to survive on the servers of the current and future (remote) webhosts,
and survives the attacks on webpages/the Internet
and the future transformation of information
contained on the information super highway
into people’s bodies
(all content will be carried and transferred by the ultimate medium, the body of the organism. Decentralised backup systems (link added October 14 2006) on the surface of several planets and on vessels orbiting around them continue to be needed to overcome the vulnerabilities of the body as a medium.)

..disintegrates by a (random) decisive blow on our Solar System
something from somewhere in the universe, wiping out existence.

So I better take action now and send this message out, in multiple directions,
like Pioneer 10/11 (44022 km/h, relative to the Sun) or the faster Voyager 1/2
– travelling at 500000 km/h,
away from the Solar System

So someone out there will know we were once here.
And that somebody was thinking of the possibilities as sketched above.

(..maybe I should’ve written something useful, more useful.
But how do I know if something is useful if I don’t know the target audience.
Target audience.
My contemporary new speak is showing.)

More text is needed.
More message

Replies to the post will be added to the message. Even spam messages and “inappropriate” ones will be
considered. Some of course (!? censorship?!) will have to be deleted, to make the whole of the
message more balanced. So they won’t think we were obsessed with PPC –
pornpills&casinos and/or vulgarities.
Would be nice to find other animals to participate in this project too.
This implies an impetus is needed for transanimalism (as referred to earlier in another posting).

Or maybe I – or we collectively – should simply write a policy proposal to send an electronic backup of
the whole of Earth’s heritage out of our system.

A challenge lies ahead.
Challenges lie ahead.

Who knows who’ll eventually be on the receiving end of this message.
This someone is hereby greeted, saluted, waved at..

Have to think of a way to make this someone to understand the message.
Have to think of a way to make this someone to understand this message too.

And what if there’s no someone, i.e. no one..

“There are two possibilities: Maybe we’re alone. Maybe we’re not.
Both are equally frightening”
(Isaac Asimov)

“I Want to Believe”
(The X-Files)

(this is all comtemporary mumble jumble! you have to ask permission from your delegation to read this article)

Wait, we want to become more cyborg too (2006)

Motorola Razr Pink

Ladyphone (2006)

Desperate Housewives: The Game

Second Life


Women are increasingly lured into the virtualization craze (You Can’t Hold Us Back!) – women are gradually immersing into the virtual world – by lucrative package deals with popular franchises of the entertainment industry and by hot girlified cute pastel coloured high tech magic.
In relation to the latter: according to the Girls Gone Wired research by Oxygen What Women Want is gadgets. Check out these astonishing results that ‘ll leave you flabbergasted for some time..Nothing says “I love you” like a new tech item.
Given the choice, tech items are generally preferred over luxury items like jewelry or vacations.
Big screen TV vs. Bling – it’s the plasma all the way
-77% prefer a new plasma TV vs. a diamond solitaire necklace
-56% prefer a new plasma TV vs. a weekend vacation in Florida
Cell phone vs. Stilettos. It’s the cell phone, hands down.
-78% of women prefer a new top-of-the-line cell phone with all the latest features and a sleek new design vs. designer shoes
Shoes Lose Again!
-86% prefer new digital video camera vs. designer shoes
-90% prefer media center PC vs. designer shoes
Women would chose an iPod over a little black dress (or a romantic dinner, massage, or a girls night out)
When asked what they would buy if they had $500 to spend,
-37% of women chose a new iPod, cell phone, digital camera, or other tech device
-35% of women chose a shopping spree at a clothing store
-18% of women chose a romantic evening with someone special
-7% of women chose spa treatments
-4% of women chose a night on the town with friends

Wait, we want to become more cyborg too (2006) (II)

(click on the still to see the short animated gif)

*Interestingly enough the main theme (of the lyrics) of the album Modern Times by Bob Dylan is (his) mistrust in women. Nevertheless the Apple ipod/itunes/Bob Dylan advertising is depicting a dancing woman.


*Since the Sony Walkman (invented by Masaru Ibuka/Morita-san in 1979), which other companies had to call “portable cassette player” when they released their version, we can move (do sports like dancing, jogging/running) and be outside of your home while listening to recorded or broadcasted sound/music and we can seclude ourselves from the outside world, become non-communicative (with the risk of hearing damage and asocial behaviour).
Sony Mp3 Walkman

*The Sony Mp3 Walkman 20 GB model (NW-A3000) (silver and violet) / 6 GB model (NW-A1000) (silver, violet, pink, blue) featuring a luminescent Organic EL display with three buttons and 9 navigational icons to access and play MP3 and ATRAC3plus files, Time Machine Shuffle, a simple user interface. Available colour-coordinated accessories include carrying cases, a docking speaker system, a docking station for PC connection, and a remote control.

poor sony (5:40am EST Sat Sep 10 2005)
poor sony still trying to relive the glory of the walkman!
Sony just stop making crap!
next year they are bring out the walkwoman! its a kind of music,game, video playing dildo! – by keffer P on Geek News

Mobile phones have “female logic” – featuring a round soft pink clamshell design with blinking details; an ovulation calendar and fertility calculator; a make-up mirror with beauty box and a programme simulating how one looks with other hair colours.

Vaguely remembered conversations on the future (2006)

Wired columnist Bill Joy vaguely remembered he picked up a conversation on the George Gilder’s Telecosm Conference in 1998 between Ray Kurzweil and John Searle:

I had missed Ray’s talk and the subsequent panel that Ray and John had been on, and they now picked right up where they’d left off, with Ray saying that the rate of improvement of technology was going to accelerate and that we were going to become robots or fuse with robots or something like that, and John countering that this couldn’t happen, because the robots couldn’t be conscious.