Burned Stäbchen (2007)

Burned Stäbchen (2007)
While cooking, while heating and mixing precious Foods, two times in a row and accidentally, a used chopstick was burned. The odour could be described as a blend of charred wood and stale food..
The 2 stix now make a pair: although each has a different partner, the burnmarks is what makes them a couple / /

Note 1: I fortunately did have plenty of spare chopsticks to consume my meal.
Note 2: Question: can anything that happens two times in a row happen accidentally?
(Een ezel stoot zich in het algemeen, geen twee maal aan dezelfde steen)
Note 3: One can make charcoal briquettes from a chopstick factory’s bamboo waste (Lampang (Thailand) biofuel case study).
Carbonised bamboo

The sandwich/Experiences with broadcast radio (2007)

Listening to the public radio broadcast I am aware of the advertisement-news-advertisement block coming up at regular intervals of a bit less than one hour.

Generally I’m not in the mood to hear the bread of this audio sandwich, the compressed verbal publicity for products of the Empire. The spread – the NEWS is what I’m interested in.

Fortunately a jingle alerts me in time to run towards the radio and turn that dial anti-/contra-/counterclockwise (or switch from AC to DC, On to Off). I have no remote control with a mute button or some sophisticated integrated antisound device to prevent me from hearing the adds, so I run. I exercise in my room, and enjoy the game.

One needs a good clock with the exact time to turn the radio back on for the news.
While waiting for the adds to do their thing one does/thinks something. What this is, as to what value it has, is up for debate.

But then, at :00 sharp (or 3 secs remaining..). Click! Beep :59:58, beep :59:59, beeeep :00:00. The news. Various news items are served on the menu. At last! Some soundbites to chew on..

Or I take no action. So the radio remains silent.
No news – nichts Neues – from the outside world.
Will I ever know what happened that moment?

Miscellaneous remarks (I) (2007)

I wish I would’ve integrated the things I learned earlier in my life.
But then again, would that outweigh the whole process through which I acquired these things?

Wishful thinking is just what it is: wishful thinking.

Integration takes time.

Culicida (II) (2006)

Unlike my encounter with the female culicida I wrote about in this post, I recently had a male culicida temporarily residing in my place of whom I was proud he stayed for a while.

He had picked the bathroom: apparently he liked the dampness, the humidity of the place, and appeared to eat some of the dirt (no fresh plant juices available in my bathroom, well, there’s aloë vera in my shampoo – not too much though – about 0.5% as far as I know. There of course might be other wonderful pharmaceutical substances, Spices, nourishing drugs, to enjoy of which I do not know about..the mysterious ways of the culicidae will largely remain a mystery).

When – a day later – water was streaming out of the shower head, I saw him taking delight in the Feucht. He was unperturbedly washing away excessive water from the two bristly antennas and his body, slowly sliding downwards on the slippery white vertical tiles – and quickly climbing up again to avoid the danger zone below.

Unfortunately we did not meet again. He must’ve flown out overnight, to boldly go where he has never been before.

Slide! (your music) (2006)

Sliding penguin in Fight Club

When one randomly turns music off or on this is mostly chaos-enhancing. When this is done gradually and at the right moment – e.g. when a chorus, bridge or couplet ends or by listening to other patterns in the rhythm or melody of the music – we slide more comfortably from the dominant musical layer to the continuous layer of ambient sounds surrounding us and vice versa.
I hereby advocate people to care about this, provided you want to prevent some small chaotic moments in your life.

Some case studies for manual fades*:
-There are more people in a room and the music is on. Somebody says: “Let’s go!”. The person in charge of the music expertly and gradually turns down the volume (while bopping his or her head to the music).
-When you have music in your car, slowly turn down the volume before you stop the engine. Next time you enter the car – once you started the engine – you turn your radio on and then slowly turn up the volume.
-Et cetera.

*Also automatic fades can be programmed/switched on these days, (for now) not as good as human manual fades though.

Bewildered encounter

[sentimental value=”quasi”]
While speeding on my rattling rusty fiets in the middle of the night I looked sideways and saw a white cat quietly sitting in the grass, probably duck hunting, staring straight at me with a bewildered look.
Passing by, experiences and thoughts flashed through my mind..

the motion blur on the road and grass, a bipedal human with opposable thumbs propelling two wheels, the lukewarm fresh wind blowing through my hair and beside my ears, the contrast between the darkness of the night and the white fur of the cat, the look in the cat’s and my eyes and the thoughts that consecutively flash though our minds

..what an amazing world we live in.


Mug (2006)

This female culicida was residing below my desk for at least two consecutive days, where she bit me seven times (six times in my left foot, once in my right foot (which is less often the upper foot when I cross my legs)) right through my socks (which are made of a material that causes feet to sweat like mad, i.e. attracts moustiques).
Euphemistically speaking she now no longer resides there, as can been seen above.Normally I prefer using a non-impregnated mosquito net (klamboe) to avoid being bitten: in case of feet and while being awake this is more difficult though. I already cut down on wearing the sweat producing socks.

Blauw witGrijs Groen (2006) / Land schap

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Blauw witGrijs Groen (2006)