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Google Ads series (Dutch BW) (2006)


White editionLightgrey editionBlack editon
White editionLightgrey editionBlack editon

(these designs are there for anyone to use on their website. For optimal effect make sure you immerse the GIF/JPG by picking the right colour (white, black and lightgrey are presented above or make use of the “Replace Color” function of Photoshop to make your own version) so that the area surrounding the GIF/JPG matches with the colour of the GIF/JPG. A link to Google AdSense (http://www.google.com/adsense) can be added.)

Update (July 12 2007)
Somehow the images weren’t displayed anymore, but when I changed “googleadsense” of the title of images in anything different from “googleadsense” they re-appeared.
Quite mysterious. Hope to find out what goes on..

Update 2
The disappearance of the images coincided with the moment that I installed Ad Blocker Plus :). Would be interesting to know exactly which image titles are blocked with ABP except for “googleadsense” since, as I experienced here, creative works based on – and named after – googleadsense are censored.