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Cinco Platanos en un Kilo (2006)


Cinco Plátanos en un Kilo (2006)

Cinco Plátanos en un Kilo (2006)
Recently, to be more precise the 19th of June 2006, I bought a bunch of five Chiquita certified bananas – produced in Latin America and distributed to Europe – at my local supermarket Super de Boer located in the Netherlands. This costed me the exact kilo price of 99 eurocents: the coins were produced in several of the 16 European mints (map) and made from Nordic Gold (20 and 50 cent coins) – an alloy consisting of 89% copper, 5% aluminium, 5% zinc, and 1% tin – and steel with a layer of copper (2 and 5 cent coins).
“Le Grand Kilo”, the international prototype of the kilogram, is a cylinder 39 mm in height and 39 mm in diameter consisting of an alloy of 90% platinum and 10% iridium and has a density of approximately 21500 kg/m3. The measure is maintained at the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) in Sèvres (France).