Time fraud I (2006)

In this very blog publishing tool called b2, cafélog and currently known as WordPress (a.k.a. WP, which currently is mostly associated with WordPress, although those who remember the word processing application for DOS Word Perfect (or are still using it: yes, 2006 WordPerfect X3 for Windows (WordPerfect Office X3) is now availble!!) the abbreviation will remain intimately linked with Word Perfect (version 5.1 for me personally), there’s a possibility to “edit the timestamp”. For now, I don’t know what it means. I think it has something to do with time fraud (therefore the heading). I can – as far as I can see now
(oops! I just realized that I can now no longer alter any text written before I wrote this: the screenshot I’m about to add to the word “now” has become a time document. (I already see an error, “availble”, the horror! And this is not “Comm&tary” obviously. Well, in some way it is but I’d rather label this as “Observations”. And I missed a ) which will further complicate reading the text (this very text is doing the same thing you know, you could’ve left these remarks out, you could’ve lied and make another screenshot with a perfectly written text instead. (not to further worsen readability: I simply do not agree with the latter statement and have no clue who wrote and proposed this fraudulent idea.)) Anyways..) I definitely did not mess with the timestamp you can see there: the time you see on the screenshot is the exact time I logged in on b2 to post this log on the blog.)
change the publishing date. Why would I do that? I don’t know. Maybe to make it appear as if I contributed to the Wlog at a desired time ? Well, I do not intend to use the option. On the Internet there are websites that make use of this fraudulent option. Especially commercial sites who also often simply remove the timestamp to make sure visitors will not instantly conclude “oh, an outdated website” and “click” click away. Another infamous omission is “forgetting” the year the news item was published. Often the omission is just a result of the proximity of the event/news concerned (Only things that take place next year or even more forward into the future will have the particular year mentioned. Often no month or day is included as a result of incertainty of future events in general (Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!, or was it “Spanish Inquisition”? “The Inquisition”? Depends in which time period you live..) Well, this is getting annoying, continuez!! (further note of clarification: the latter notice was again – sigh – a contribution of a character which should remain nameless.)). When I would now visit a webpage and read that the absolutely awesome event is taking place on July 15 I would presume that would be tomorrow. If July 13 is indicated I’d think that was yesterday. On second thought an altmodisch webdesign would definitely alert me and make me reconsider…
I just checked my clock and concluded I would need to round off this log. It would seem like I have too much time on my hands (a comment attached to a lot of things published on the web. Often – I think always actually :) – such a value-laden commenting is not justified.). More to come, this was episode I. There shalt be no prequel no more. Blogging it! on July 14 18:52 CET.